The Brand Bothy is run by Graham Smith, who has led branding and rebranding projects in Scotland and internationally. Graham has worked with clients including World Health Organization, Nestlé, SwissPeak Reports and Switzerland Tourism as well as start-ups such as 126 Water, Soap&Mhor and Badenoch The Storylands. enough text to push to new line enough text to push to new lineenough texttoto new lineenough tex new lineenough tex Based near Inverness, he is particularly familiar with the Highlands. Having spent 10 years working in Switzerland, he also has extensive experience of working with clients in Europe and further afield. enough text to push to the new line enough text to nough texto new lineenough texto newto new lin lineenough tex Graham brands companies, products and services in all sectors, especially tourism and B2B business services, but has a particular fondness for projects in food and drink.

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