Brand Bookshelf; some of the titles we return to regularly.

Simon Sinek’s now universally-accepted view of what makes companies different is a global bestseller for a reason. This one idea is a powerful tool for clarifying what makes your company unique

Byron Sharp’s branding bible helps branding experts to achieve clarity and work on what matters to customers, keeping a close focus on the actions that will make a brand’s assets distinctive and memorable. say hello to your dinosaur brain …

bookshelf lean start up

Essential for entrepreneurs but valuable for everyone, this lively read reveals the value of intentional research in developing a brand, product or service that is aligned with what actual customers want, not what you start out thinking they want.

bookshelf the brand book

Recently published but already essential reading, The Brand Book sidesteps jargon and fashion, and includes genuine templates and checklists to ensure companies build brands the right way for sustainable success.

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